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Home of the South Manchester And Cheshire Subaru owners club.

Welcome to the website of the SOUTH MANCHESTER AND CHESHIRE SUBARU owners club.

Welcome to ScoobySmacs

News and Annoucements


27/04/2009-Pictures added, diary tidied up.
24/02/2009-New videos added from our weekend away.
10/02/2009-Updates to loads today, see if you can spot them.
05/01/2009-Happy new year! Diary updated for 2009!
20/12/2008-Updated links page and removed broken links-Merry xmas!
29/11/2008-Update to home page welcome message-do you know the shake!
05/07/2008-Update to July gallery/frontpage pictures added.
27/06/2008-Update to video pages and diary

01/06/2008-Updated gallery and diary pages, I'm still here!
02/05/2008-Updated gallery and members cars pictures
14/01/2008-Updated gallery with Autosport pictures
13/10/2007-Update to a few things, see if you can spot them :)
20/09/2007-Update to events page

04/09/2007-Update to everything!
04/05/2007-Update to gallery
27/01/2007-Update to events diary/gallery
20/01/2007-Update to links pages-driver training sites added
18/01/2007-Update to video gallery
03/01/2007-Update to benefits page

29/12/2006-Udate to events pages
10/12/2006-Update to members gallery/events pages
26/11/2006-Update to events pages/video pages
11/11/2006-Udapte to links/benefits/events pages
04/11/2006-Major updates to the gallery section, particularly 2003 and 2004 photos.
20/10/2006-Updated members gallery, update to events pages for end of year
08/10/2006-Updated pictures of New Brighton Rally/Nurburgring dvd preview added, bbo pictures added.
19/09/2006-Updated links page
05/09/2006-Updated events pages
14/08/2006-Updated all new members cars, and added new cars to old members
04/08/2006-Major update to FrontPage, ads added, articles page added, gallery updated.
22/07/2006-Updates to events pages, pictures added to gallery
02/06/2006-Update to members gallery/June meet pictures added
27/05/2006-Update to events page, front page images added
08/05/2006-Update to July events page
04/05/2006-Update to April events gallery and diary pages
27/04/2006-Updates to events/members gallery
09/04/2006 - Updates to Events Page
24/03/2006 - updated events page added pictures to members gallery
18/03/2006 - added march pictures, site updated
05/03/2006 - Added events to events page.
03/03/2006 - More images added to Members Gallery.
02/03/2006 - March 2006 meeting photos added - here.
27/02/2006 - Blackpool Rally Images added to Gallery.
22/02/2006 - Rolling Road @ Prosport images added.
20/02/2006 - New Site announced



The club meets the 1st Thursday of every month at the Unicorn Inn, Adlington Road, WILMSLOW, SK92LN
Follow this link: for directions.

Meeting time is 7:30pm, however, on nice evenings, we're usually there before that.

We are made up of mostly Subaru drivers who have a passion for all things awd. Our monthly meets are
just a general get together for everyone, as most of our time is spent on the SCOOBYNET FORUMS in the NORTHERN SECTION.

You have to register on Scoobynet  to post messages, but once registered you can join in the general banter of what is an excellent Subaru based message board.

To become a member of SMACS, you are advised to attend 2 events, one being a monthly meet. This is so either Chris or Andy can vet you for suitability to our exclusive membership of hardcore extreme drivers and all round good blokes/girls. If you pass our vetting procedure, we'll give you a membership form to fill in, take you through the initiation ceremony and only then issue you with your membership card! :)

If you are coming along, please let us now beforehand by contacting us here: Contact Page

We also have our own private forum hosted at Amita UK Ltd - Forums, which is for members only.


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