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SMACS Detailing - Swirl Removal - De-swirling

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Following the referrals I recieved I contcated Iain at FinerDetails with reards to getting my WRX de-swirled.. Ie had attended a few club meets and gathering and seen the swirling was showing the car up, not off. I decided to go to Iain because he has an excellent reputation on and looking through his portfolio on his website the results he achieves are amazing.

As well as detailing the car for me, Iain also invited another guy to observe and learn.

Here's the Scoobie on arrival looking pretty sweeeet :thumb: iain said its always nice to get a detail where the before pics look so damn good lol

We started out by rinsing off with the karcher and washing two bucket method. Arches and alloys sprayed with diluted APC.

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Next we clayed the car using DP clay and the foam gun. Lower door sills, boot panel and bonnet edge providing the usual areas for greatest attention.We then re-rinsed the car and dried using the cobra super soakers.We then moved the car into the garage, covered all plastics and seals with 3m tape and recorded the paint depth readings. At this point the whole detail plan took a huge twist. Scoobie paint being gerneal hard, Iain was expecting a multi stage detail, one to remove swirls over a couple of stages.

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Here's some close ups on the bonnet (Right):

With bonnet paint soooo low, roof and boot also showing signs of previous attempts I re-jigged the plan and we attcked as follows:

PC with polishing pad using Clearkote Red Moose Glaze, applied spped one, two passes speed two, and two final passes speed six. We then inspected the area to check the improvement.

No cobwebbing left. Out with the PDG, remeasure the area, ums to new reading showing a minimal reduction of um on the bonnet, drop from 80ums to 79.5ums. Pleased to say the least.

We then continued using the same method across the bonnet, roof and boot.

We tested this on the side panels, and made the decision to keep the process here too.

Next Iain applied Wolfgang sealant using a finishing pad. Using a very easy and liquid sealant, and extra light pressure to lock the RMG in. This was left to cure whilst Megs #20 sealant was applied to the alloys.

Both Andy and I wiped the Wolfgang off, once clear Iain applied XMT finishing glaze using a finishing pad. We allowed half the car to cure before beginning to wipe clear. This was then topped with the WWW wax and a hand applicator by myself.

As the WWW cured Iain followed round using a finishing pad, and Pinnacle Crystal mist to spit shine Pinnacle Souveran. A final wipe down with the CM afterwards. Alloys wiped clear, glass cleaned with glass cleaner, and tyres treated to Amror All Tire Gel.

Here's the bonnet close ups:

  Click image for larger version

and the full car shots:

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couple of extra shots, highlighting the features of my WRX:

  Click image for larger version

Throughout the day the results just kept getting better and better but it wasn't untill the car was pushed into the sun that i realised how glossy and deep the paint actually was. So its a big from me to Iain at finerdetails who i would recomend to everyone. Oh and thanks for the drinks and biscuit.

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