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SMACS Articles - Past Events - Curborough 2003

This picture story is of the South Manchester and Cheshire Scoobys (SMACS) day out at Curborough Sprint Course. I organised the day as I have tested there on several ocassions.
Origionall there should have been 10 scoobys but at the 11th hour MissyC and Blitzboy1 had to cancel there holiday and go in to there works (both seperate works), so given the short time scale I phone our last years placement student and asked him if he wanted to play, needless to say he did not need much convicing. So for the day we had 8 Scoobys and 1 Rover 200.

The Track

We started off with a convoy down to the track. Then after setting up the track with the fire extingushers etc. I gave everbody a demo lap (hehehehe). I know the track fairly well and had most of them grippping the seats with much laughter. This took 3 goes to demonstrate to everybody, more fun for me.
Everbody then took turns to do some laps in there own cars. After this somebody came up with the bright idea of timing by waving a flag to start the clock and the car and then as we were stood on the finish line we could stop the clock when the car crossed the line after 2 laps.

Flag waving

This as I thought lead to a few offs, The first victim was Supertouring who had a spin after the first bend, luckly just a spin and stopped with out hitting anything, funny thing was he had CW42's video Camera pointing from the bonnet inwards looking at Supertouring, his face was a picture.
The second off was SteelX who entered the mole hill with rather too much pace span not just accross the grass but across the straight and onto the grass the outer side, luckily again no harm done see the video of this here.
Then Nathan in his Rover 200 decided to loose it at a very fast speed heading around the bend after the straight span and I had my heart in my mouth as I thiught he was going to roll it. Luckily he did not.
The next casualty was Mad Scientist who entered the first bend with too much speed and span, but this time accross a raise area of mud on the inside of the bend damaging his sill, (which he has now fixed only 2 days after the event).
The last incident I missed as I had to find the nearest optimax station as I was getting fuel surge. SteelX was pushing hard after I had set a fast time, pushed a little too hard and span only problem sideways across the rumble strips pulled the tyre off the rim and he stopped just before the crash barriers.

tyre off

When I arrived back everybody was brushing the track and steel was putting his spacesaver on, He the went off to kwik fit who checked out the tyre and rim and said they where ok and refitted the tyre on the rim (one very lucky man).

Dirty Track

At Dinner we took a trip to Maccy dees where Mad Scientist decided to be billy no mates in the corner. Dwelling on his damaged car.

But when Barnsey got to order his food they had to go and restock before they could serve the rest of us, he had 5 big macs 2 cheese burgers 2 chicken burgers, chicken nuggets and 8 separate potions of fries



Me Andy S 67.5s


ScoobyGav555 67.8s on his first ever visit to a track


SteelX 67.9s in both his car and CW42's


Mad Scientist 68.6s


Beefy 69.4s


CW42 70.2s


Supertouring 70.6s


Barnsey 71.6s But was getting quicker and quick as he built hsi confidence up again.


.:Nathan:. 74.1s in only a 1.6 rover 200 good time

A superb day that everybody wants to do again, Top weather, top day and a top bunch of lads. Thanks everbody for making it a superb day.

At least all the casualties where only minor in the end. LOL. That is except for all the tyres that were destroyed there

Alot more photo's to follow and links to videos of the day.

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