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South Manchester and Cheshire Subaru's club - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions that we get asked at SMACS, plus the answers. Before you send us an email asking us your question, use the list below to see if your question has been asked before.

Q. What does SMACS mean?

A. SMACS is short for the South Manchester and Cheshire Subaru's or South Manchester and Cheshire Scoobys depending on which members you ask.

Q. What are or is SMACS?

A. The SMACS are a group of predominantly Subaru marque enthusiasts, who meet on a regular basis to share their enthusiasm for the Subaru brand. We attend Motorsport and driving events throughout the country, and have been known to go abroad in the past, for example, the Nurburgring in Germany.

Q. How do I join SMACS?

A. Firstly you need to turn up! All that is required to join the SMACS is to turn up to two events to be eligible for SMACS membership, however for continued membership a certain number of meetings should be attended per year.

Q: Will it cost me anything initially?

A. At present we do not ask for membership fees or subs, however some events may attract a fee to attend to cover such things as entry fees. At some events we also ask for a fee as we collect throughout the year for a nominated charity with the money being donated at the end of the year.

Q: Do I have to attend every event or just the ones I want to?

A. Its entirely up to you. We wont force anyone to attend any event which you don't wish to attend, its entirely up to you which events you decide to attend. Some of our members joined just to come to our monthly meeting at the Unicorn, Wilmslow and talk cars, whereas others attend nearly every event. We do advise that some events are of limited numbers and those with higher attendance records will be given priority. This record is reset to zero for all members at the start of each year.

Q: What is expected of me on trips/drives out? (i.e. no dangerous driving etc)?

A. We where founded predominantly as a driving club and we have a large number of "Drives out" throughout the year. We also actively seek to educate our members with driver training and special safety days out. We do not advocate any form of bad driving such as speeding, dangerous driving, etc.. Anyone placing the reputation of the club or other members of the club at risk will be asked to leave.

Q. I am interested in advertising or sponsoring SMACS, how can I do this?

A. Visit our advertising and sponsorship information page which can be found here.

Q. I don't have a Subaru, will I be welcome?

A. We would prefer you to have a Subaru, as we are the Scooby Owners Club. If you change your car during your membership, as long as you don’t buy a diesel, you’ll still be welcome :)

Q. I have a Subaru, but its not an Impreza or a Turbo. Can I still come along?

A. Again, yes. A number of our members drive other Subaru's, such as Forester's and Legacy's.

Q. What's the average age of SMACS? Your not a bunch of kids or old farts are you?

A. We have a very mixed age range in the club but our average age is around 30.

Q. Are you all men or are women welcome?

A. We have a large number of female members and a number of the members girlfriends and wives also attend on a regular basis as well. Female members are always welcome, so come along.

Q. How do I show the world I'm proud to be a member of the SMACS?

A. Get yourself along to this part of the site, and then contact cw42 or andy_s and they'll sort you out with stickers and t-shirts to show you belong to the best Subaru club in the western world.

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